Gripedo Sand Wrenching/Twisting AKA Sand Screwdrivers

Tips: Place more weight on the gripedo until you reach a resistance level you would like to work with.

World Grip Record Holder and Grip Training Expert and Author Jedd Johnson using the Gripedo

World Champ using the gripedo sand wrenching while sitting down. if you have two gripedos you have do double arm workout.

Gripedo Wrist Rolls with One Hand Gripping 4 inch Ball Handle

Tip: Gripedo wrist rolls can be done with 2 hands place on the center piece. The gripedo wrist rolls can also be done with on hand on the ball. The hand that grips the ball will be challenged more and make sure to switch arms :)

Pro MMA Fighter Anne Ribiero Using Gripedo below. Using the wide strap with carabiner helps and it wraps right over the 3 inch wide fins.

Gripedo Supination and Pronation

Tips: Elbow bent 90 Degrees and keep forearm in line with barbell and gripedo

Gripedo Yo-Yo’ s

Tips: Use a thera band elastic band that stretches about 50% or 100% in weight. The breaking motion resisting against downward momentum requires more strength to hold on to. Coach Curson Training UFC former Champion Raphael DosAnjos hand strength for punching power.

Gripedo Rows with Cable Machine

Gripedo Arm Extended External Rotations by Eric Wong, DPT.

Note: This exercise is created by Dr. Regan Wong and uses for rehabilitating MLB pitchers.

Gripedo Single Hand Finger Crawl Roll up by Coach Lauren Griffith (www.bjjstrength.com)

Tips: Only use one hand for the roll up and start with light weight.

Gripedo Sled Drags

Gripedo Double Hand on Pipe Pull Up Or Isometric Holds

Note: This exercise is great for grapplers. Dan Strauss stated one of his favorite set up is using his two hands to grip his opponents forearm to control (two on one grip) his opponent. This can be a sport specific exercise simulating a grip on opponents forearm. The 4 inch ball on the end simulates opponents fist.

Gripedo Goblet Holds AKA (Inspired by Jedd Johnson’s Isometric Kettlebell Hold)

Note: This exercise builds isometric strength. Builds a strong “squeeze” strength that may aid grapplers for submissions. Try experimenting with forearms parallel to the ground and with elbows closer to the ground as in picture.

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 9.29.51 PM.png

Gripedo Farmers Carries

Note: User a thing band for carries. The downward momentum created by bouncing makes it more challenging.

Gripedo Ball Roll Ups

Tip: We recommend testing with barbell placed at different heights from the floor. When the gripedo on barbell is placed higher from ground, this makes it a great endurance workout since the distance the weight needs to travel is increased.

Goblet Grip Chest Crush Box Squats

Tip: use a short band to attach to kettlebell.

Griped Bat Twists

Note: To perform this exercise grip the gripedo 2.25 inc center and turn in cloc wise or counter clock wise direction. This can be used by athletes that grip a bat, hockey stick or golf club but can be used by anyone trying to improve overall arm strength.

Sand Wrenching (Another view)

Gripedo “Gripsport” style Armlifts (Using Plates)

Note: fatbastardbarbell.co makes a short loading pin that works for this use. The loading pin you chose to use needs to accommodate a .625 inch hitch pin. By end of 2019 we plan to carry short loading pins on our website for this use as well.

Grip 4 inch Handle and Squat

Note: This exercise is inspired by an exercise Martin Rooney’s Training for warriors book. Martin uses a 2.5 inch RollingThunder handle with similar set up.

Barbel Wrist Radial and Ulnar Deviation

Note: In this set up barbell roll up is done by gripping the ball thumb up Inside the palm should be in line with the barbell and gripedo. This work grip and muscles in the wrist that are responsible for ulnar and radial flexion. Forearm for the hand that grips the ball end should be perpendicular to the barbell. This should feel similar to opening jar.


Barbell Wrist Roller

Note: Gripedo center piece is wide enough to allow to hands to use as a wrist roller. Two hands shall grip the 2.5 center piece. The string/trap shall roll up on the fins.

Gripedo Roll up Variation (Elbow bent torso parallel to gripedo)

Gripedo ball barbell exercises can be done in various ways. In this one the torso of user is parallel to Gripedo and unlike regular ulnar radiation and deviation in which the forearm is perpendicular to the bar, in this exercise the forearm is 45 degrees in relation to the bar.

Gripedo Circular Wrist Extensions

Tips: This one can be done as flexions as well. To add weight you can ad a short chain link. 2-4 ounces goes a long way for this exercise.

Gripedo Bicep Curls

Note: This exercises inspired by double plate bicep curls. This allows a slowly transition and gripping the 4 inch ball challenges grip. For additional weight you can use short chain links for a few carabiners as in the video. This is an advanced exercise. This can also performed with palm facing down (reverse curl style and it trains wrist extensors when performed in this this fashion. You may also do wrist flexion with elbow 90 degrees to develop the thumb strength.

Gripedolite Sand Bucket Training

Gripedo Lite Lifts with Carabiner and Loading Pin