Gripedo is a grip and arm training device that is versatile and designed to give athletes an edge.   

We have a 30 day money back guarantee without any questions asked.  The product will have to be in new condition.

All Gripedo models are indestructible and have a lifetime warranty on them except scratches.    

 The Gripedo comes with a 5/8 hitch pin.  If you want to perform the deadlift to lift plates gripping the ball handle fatbastard barbel co makes a short hitch pin that intergrates perfectly.   Most orders are processed in 1-3 days. 


If you are an amateur/professional sports team,  physical therapy/chiropractor office or a gym looking to order more than one, please send us an email with the order details and we will give you a bulk order commercial discount code depending on the size of your order.  Thanks!

FLASH SALE now on going for the 4 inch ball handles.

Gripedo Trainer (4 inch diameter ball handle)
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Please note that discounts codes do not work during holliday sales. 


Gripedo 3 inch Handle
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Gripedo Bar!!!  Handle Coming soon!