One of the best climbing gyms in USA Mountain Strong Denver has been using the Gripedo as a staple in their elite climber’s training program at their gym. Owner and Professional Climber Matt Lloyd has been testing the gripedo and published an article in Climbing Magazine featuring the gripedo. Check out their website at

Gripedo will be featured on “Rattle The Cage” Podcast with Fighters Only Mag Writer Tony Reid

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Gripedo Sponsored Athlete Barry Gibson Wins 3rd Place in World Sambo Masters that was held in Morocco in October 18th, 2018

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Our product has been selected to be featured on the upcoming issue 363 of the Climbing magazine.

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Gripedo Now Availabe on Eliefts. 

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Check out our new review at 3 time American Ninja Warrior Competitor and Finalist Lucas Gomez’s youtube channel here

Check out the new gripedo review by fight camp conditioning:

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Check out the new gripedo review by former MLB Player Matt Antonelli.

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UFC is being used at the UFC Insitute of Performance



Stay tuned for an upcoming review on the "Unknown Strength and Conditioning Podcast" which is on itunes, stitcher and soundcloud.    We are super pumped for this!   Check out their first thoughts on episode #15

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Stay tuned for garage gym reviews coming up!   They will be reviewing a use of two of them at the same time and it will be the first this is done.  We love their website since it is just hands down best guide out there to look at before buying equiptment.  We are stoked for this one !

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Stay tuned for a review up coming from movement expert, author of "Free Style",  worldwide educator Carl Paoli.



Stay tuned for a review by Grapplefit  founder Strength and Conditioning Coach Barry  is a leading coach in the industry to several UFC  fighters such  Ross Pearson, Andrew Fisher and Phil De Fries.  He is a GB Commonwealth Combat Sambo Champion, author, magazine contributor.   Barry is a 3 degree judo black belts and still competes in Sambo.  Barry is a 3 time National Great Britian Gold Medalist, 2 time Scottish Gold Medalist, Sambo President Cup Silver Medal winner and Great Britain team Captain.    We are super psyched for his up coming review.